Sunset & Fireworks Dolphin Tour

No Age Restrictions
Duration: 2 hours


Enjoy the weekly Hilton Head Island Fireworks show from the best seats in the house on this one-of-a-kind boat tour! First, travel around the Hilton Head coast and take in stunning views of the shoreline. Look out for our resident Atlantic bottlenose dolphins as they play, feed, and swim around the boat. You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to see these friendly creatures up close and personal in their natural habitat!

Pass by the iconic Harbour Town Lighthouse along the way, an impressive, 90-foot tall beacon renowned for its candy-striped exterior. Learn about the rich history and diverse ecosystem of the island from one of our expert tour guides as you soak in the scenic views and sail past breathtaking landmarks.

Sit back and relax as the sun begins to set, painting the water’s surface in a vibrant array of hues. There’s a reason why Hilton Head has been named one of the best destinations for a sunset viewing along the East Coast!

Finally, after the sun has fully sunk below the horizon, get ready for Hilton Head’s weekly fireworks! There is truly no better place to enjoy this spectacular show than from these tranquil waters. Watch from the comfort of our 22-passenger boat as these fabulous fireworks light up the sky!

Fun included

2-hour-15-minute cruise
Atlantic bottlenose dolphin sightings
Beautiful sunset and fireworks ahow
Avoid the crowds!




Yes, we guarantee dolphin sightings on this trip! We see these playful creatures sunrise to sunset.

Lowcountry Watersports strives to protect wild dolphins. Dolphins are protected by the National Marine Mammal Act; therefore, we do not touch, chase, pursue, harass, feed, or swim with wild dolphins. It is illegal and considered inhumane.

We will be aboard either a 35-45 foot pontoon boat, with full shade coverage, and comfortable seating.

This activity is great for all ages (infants to adults)!

There is a bathroom aboard 1 of our boats. Please inquire by phone if you’d like to ensure there is a bathroom aboard on your trip.

Yes, if a friend or family member can assist in boarding the boat.



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