Stay Healthy and Hydrated on Your Hilton Head Vacation

Stay Healthy and Hydrated on Your Hilton Head Vacation

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You finally make it to your beloved ocean vacation and spend your first few hours basking in the sunshine and soaking in the salty air. You step inside to grab something to eat and notice you’re already burned and head is pounding with a headache, but why?

Your first few hours in the sun set the tone for your entire vacation. It is crucial to prepare for your day by the water with plenty of sunscreen, hydrating liquids and ensuring you give your body adequate nutrition throughout the day. We’ve prepared some easy-to-implement tips to ensure you make the most of your vacation without letting pesky headaches and sun burn get in the way!

Hydration During Outside Activities

Did you know? By the time your body registers that you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Your body naturally loses hydration from regular physical activity, the hot summer sun and bodily functions, such as sweating. Common side effects of dehydration are headaches, feeling sleepy or having dry skin. More severe side effects include diarrhea, fainting and rapid breathing.

Fight against dehydration by frequently providing your body with fluids, such as water and sports drinks. According to the National Academy of Sciences, women should be drinking around 11 cups of water per day and 16 cups per day for men. Watch some VIDEO tips for staying hydrated from Horizon Rehabilitation.

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Protect Yourself with Sunscreen

Nothing is worse than getting a bad sunburn on your first day of sunshine and having to avoid the rays for the remainder of your tropical vacation, right? Start your vacation off with a higher SPF than you would normally wear. Tropical vacations are often closer to the equator and vacationers underestimate the strength of the sun. Despite a common misnomer, you will still get tan when wearing sunscreen and should especially wear it on cloudy days!

Pay Attention to Nutrition

Keeping your family fed during your day in the sun is just as important as putting on sun screen and staying hydrated. If you suffer from a lack of nutrition while outside, your blood sugar may lower and result in dizziness or fatigue. Combined with the strong rays from the sun and a lack of water, your day can quickly go from enjoyable to miserable. Make sure to eat three meals a day and keep yourself powered up for all of the exhilarating, outdoor activities that the Lowcountry has to offer!

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Insect Repellent

Have you ever been at the beach and find pesky bug bites that you didn’t even feel happening? Beaches are warm and invite for both humans, animals and bugs, thus making it more than likely to come across something that could be painful for your kids or family.

Opt for water-proof bug spray to keep pesky insects at bay and ensure to re-apply often. Pay attention to where you set up at the beach – if there are a few bugs flying around when you set up, it’s not likely to decrease throughout the day. Avoid standing water or slow streams and change out of your beach clothes before you get back into the car. Don’t stress too much if you still find a few bites – avoid scratching and they will likely heal in a day or two.

Guided Tours in Hilton Head

We’re thrilled to have you visit with us for an amazing guided tour on South Carolina’s best waterways. We want you to have fun and to be safe while on the water; after all, sun provides your body with much needed Vitamin D, boosts energy levels, and helps you sleep better! Click or call us at 843-684-2004 today for reservations and information about kayaking, paddle boarding, our Pirate Cruise Adventure, Creek Cat Tours, and more!

soft fruits in Lowcountry Watersports